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Video Surveillance (CCTV)

What is it? Video Surveillance or Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a system of cameras, viewing monitors, and recording devices. Video cameras are usually permanently installed and designated to guard a particular area. These systems can be used in real-time to monitor activity or more commonly to investigate incidents after the fact by reviewing recorded images. […]

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Remote Services

What is it? The modern world is entirely connected. The Internet-Of-Things (IoT) has made it possible to control anything from anywhere. If something isn’t online, it doesn’t exist. Remote services allow users to connect and command systems from a smartphone, tablet or PC. How Does it Work? Establishing a remote connection requires that the device […]

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What is it? Home or business automation provides control of your Lighting, Appliance, Thermostat, Home Theater, Drapes, Pool & Spa, you name it. You can control everything through a single user interface, set schedules and program automatic notifications. How Does it Work? There are a few different technologies out there from which to choose. They […]

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Access Control


What is it? Access control is the restriction of access to a place or area. Electronic access control systems are used to interface with locking mechanisms on doors, gates, or any entry way to prevent unauthorized access. How does it work? You may have an access control card to get into your office building or […]

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Burglar Alarm & Intrusion Detection

What is it? A burglar alarm system creates an invisible safety perimeter. Industry insiders call it “Intrusion Detection.” In the US we have about four burglaries every minute which translate to one every 14 seconds. It’s very common for criminals to revisit the same place more than once. If you are home during a burglary, […]

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Fire Alarm Systems

fire alarm

What is it? A fire alarm system uses devices like smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors to sense a fire and alert area occupants of danger. Alarm alerts are provided through audio appliances such as speakers and horns while visual alerts are made with bright flashing strobe lights. How does it work? Conventional fire alarm […]

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Intercom Systems


What is it? Intercom is an abbreviation for intercommunication device. These systems are commonly used to provide two-way communicate from a secure area to a nonsecure area. Often intercom systems provide a way to easily grant access to a secured area with a remote release button that will unlock a door. How does it work? […]

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