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Access Control System Manufacturers
The term “Access Control” can mean different things. In the electronic security industry, we use it to describe a system that can centralize the connection and management of physical doors and passageways. The connection is made through hardware (circuit boards) and the management is done with software. Easy enough.

Here’s where is gets confusing; when companies that sell products designed to interface with access control systems go to market they often call themselves “access control” providers. But, without a centralized system (controller and software) to drive these products, they can only operate stand-alone. For example, A biometric/thumbprint reader on door “A” may work on its own but when you add a second one on door “B” they can’t connect with each other or be controlled together. They must operate independently.

In order to have a discussion about systems and technologies, we need to speak the same language.

Here’s a list of manufacturers I consider to be complete access control system solution providers based on the following criteria:

The Access Control Manufacturers on this list must:

1.) Be a primary source of a complete (hardware & software) access control product offering.
2.) Provide a solution for multiple doors and credential management through a single interface.
3.) Have access control product information or marketing materials available online.
4.) Have product available for purchase directly or through North American distribution channels.

3xLogic / Infinias
AMAG Technology
Axis Communications
Bosch Security Systems
Brivo Systems
Camden Door Controls
Cansec Systems Ltd
Continental Access
Detex Corp.
Digital Monitoring Products (DMP)
DSX Access Systems
EC Key
Galaxy Control Systems
HID Global
Honeywell Security
IDenticard Systems
Kaba ADS
Keri Systems
Monitor Dynamics
NAPCO Security Technologies
Next Level Security Systems
Nortek Security & Control / Linear
Open Options
Quantum Secure
RS2 Technologies
S2 Security Corp.
SALTO Systems
Security Door Controls (SDC)
Siemens Building Technologies
Software House
Stanley Convergent Security Solutions
Viscount Systems

Question: Okay, let’s hear it; Who did I forget?

  • Mark McRae

    You missed ICT – Integrated Control Technology-

    • Norm Dimick

      Good looking product, thank you! I’ve got them on the list now. I love the Access + Intrusion + Automation integration. The DIN rail hardware and enclosures are super clean. I took my time and spent a couple of weeks building this list but I knew I’d miss a few. I appreciate the feedback!
      Do you work with this ICT product on a regular basis? I’d like to know more.

      • Mark McRae

        We’ve worked with ICT day in and day out for the last 13 years – we’re their “master distributor” for Canada and parts of Europe. In the US, they have recently opened a corporate office in Denver. It’s a beautiful product- extremely powerful (Enterprise-class) access control unified with one of the largest alarm systems in the world. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask:

  • Martin Major

    Genetec’s Synergis

    • Norm Dimick

      Oh no! How could I miss Genetec!? Sorry about that; so embarrassing…List updated.
      Did you find anyone on the list that you’ve never heard of? I sure did.