Intercom Systems


What is it?
Intercom is an abbreviation for intercommunication device. These systems are commonly used to provide two-way communicate from a secure area to a nonsecure area. Often intercom systems provide a way to easily grant access to a secured area with a remote release button that will unlock a door.

How does it work?

  • Audio
    The audio technology for intercom systems works just like a telephone or walkie-talkie. A call can be generated from either end and once connected the parties can have a conversation. Two-way audio communication is often enough to verify a person’s identity or determine their intent.
  • Video
    Many intercom manufacturers offer solutions with cameras built into the door station that will display a real-time image at the Master or Sub Stations. Some intercom systems will provide a camera input port at the door station which allows for third-party camera integration. Video used together with the audio adds an extra level of situational awareness for the end-user.


Devices & Functions

  • Master Station
    The master station is where the system operator can communicate with one or more door station locations. These units are similar in form factor to telephones consoles with keypad buttons, handset, and monitor if a video feature is available for a particular model. They can be mounted on a desk or wall and located where someone can easily respond to a call.
  • Sub-Master Station
    A sub-master station can be used as a secondary location to answer calls that are missed at the master station. Multiple sub-master stations can be used in large environments to ensure that every call gets answered and visitors are not left unattended on the other side of a locked door.
  • Door Station
    The door station is what visitors will see mounted at the door. A call is generated by pushing a single button or extension number on a keypad. There are many styles and models available to fit any application. They can be surface mounted or flush mounted into the wall.

Question: Have you ever used an Intercom System for security?