Top 4 Ways to Use Automation for Home & Business

What is Automation?
The term “automation” can sound intimidating. It’s true that the technology behind it can get super geeky but the automation itself is simple and easy to use. Think of it as someone standing at a switch ready for you to tell them when to flip it. It gives you the ability to turn something on or off automatically in response to an event or manually on-demand.

Stop Flipping Switches
I put up Christmas lights up every year. When I put them up half get plugged in on the east side of the house and the other half on the west side. Since I’d rather not take the time to walk around the house and turn them on and off every day through the month of December I use automation to put them on a time schedule.

I just replaced the existing power receptacles with Z-Wave enabled outlets and enrolled them into my burglar alarm system’s automation feature. I set a time schedule and now when I get home the front lawn looks like the surface of the sun. Everything turns off automatically at 10:30 pm and we all have a Merry Christmas.

What!? Your alarm system doesn’t have automation capabilities? Don’t worry, all you need is a hub to send and receive signals to your devices. You can pick one up at any big box electronics retailer.

Here Are The Top 4 Ways to Everyone Can Use Automation for Home & Business:
A quick light switch or outlet replacement will get you using automation fast. With an automation enabled switch, you can control your light from a hub, smart phone app, set a schedule, or program it to operate based on events. For example: If the alarm system is activated, then turn on all of the lights on the front side of the house.

Install a direct replacement of your front door lock or deadbolt. Almost every major manufacturer makes automation ready locks with keypads. No more hiding the key under the door mat. Just open it when you need to, from anywhere. Or give your visitor the PIN and let them open the door on their own using the keypad.

Everyone should be using a “smart” thermostat. The days of waiting for the house to reach a comfortable temperature are long gone. A web browser or app interface makes it easy to program a schedule. If you need to, just adjust the temp on the way home with your phone. When you get there everything will be just right. It’s like calling ahead and asking the butler to have the house ready.

4-Door Bell
Answer the door, even when you’re not at home. Replace your current doorbell to get audio and video on your phone. It is especially useful when you’re expecting deliveries. Most “smart” doorbells have motion detectors that will detect activity and record. So, you’ll know when someone is at your door even if they don’t push the button.

Need to control something else?
You can control just about anything you can think of:
Lights, Locks, Thermostats, Window Shades, Garage Doors, Humidifiers, Fans, Outlets, Door Bells, Air Purifiers, Air Conditioners, and Sensors.

Question: Do you use automation technology?