Help, I Can’t Turn Off My Burglar Alarm!

Are you ready for a system malfunction?
You should know that if you own a burglar alarm system, somehow, someday, it will fail. It could be on a Sunday afternoon while you’re watching a football game or in the middle of the night, you just never know. What will you do when your alarm system goes haywire?

I’ve seen just about every kind of system failure you can think of. Both my home and business systems hove gone into brick-mode and completely died. Just last week I got a call from a friend on a Sunday afternoon. “Hey, the alarm is going off and I can’t shut it off because the keypad is dead!”

He had entered the building and gone straight to the keypad to disarm the system but it was broken. He couldn’t disarm it because the keypad had an error message on it, “CALL FOR SERVICE”. What my friend didn’t realize is that the system was still armed despite the fact the keypad had failed. With no way to disarm the system, it went into alarm and lit up the whole neighborhood while I talked him through how to shut it down over the phone.

If something like this ever happens to you be sure to call your central station monitoring service and give them your passcode. Now that you can be sure the police won’t show up you’re free to shut your system down.

Here’s how to shut down a burglar alarm system:
Step 1.
Find the panel. The burglar alarm panel will be in a small metal box or enclosure. It will be located in a closet or back room somewhere out of the way. Grab two screwdrivers, a flathead and a phillips, and go find it.

Step 2.
Open the box. The enclosure will have a cylindrical lock on it. If you don’t have the key check the top of the enclosure. Sometimes the installer will put the spare key up there for safe keeping. If you can’t find the key anywhere then its time to get a little creative. Use a flat head screwdriver to pry open the door near the lock. Be careful, don’t hurt yourself! If you pop it open gently you can avoid permanent damage of the enclosure and replace the lock later.

Step 3.
Unplug power. The power supply for burglar alarm systems is a small plug-in type transformer. It is usually plugged into an outlet somewhere near the panel. Sometimes it will be in a strange location on the other side of the building. You need to track it down and unplug it. If you can’t find it, just unscrew the main power leads inside the panel.

Step 4.
Unplug backup battery. Remove one of the leads from the small battery inside the panel enclosure. As soon as you do, everything will power down.

That’s it! The system is now completely powered down. Enjoy the silence. Now can call your alarm company for a service without the deafening sound of the siren blasting¬†out your ear drums.

Special Note: This tutorial is intended for owners that need to silence a system malfunction. If you try to use these instructions for criminal activity you will get caught. An alarm signal will be transmitted to the central station and police will be dispatched to your location. Don’t try it.

Question: When was the last time you tested your burglar alarm system?